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With the rapid advance of India, China and Russia on the International Trade Front the World is now moving towards a multipolar political structure. The economic sanctions placed on the Russian Federation have made the Nation look towards other Asian countries for business. This is a moment of opportunity like never before since the times of the great Silk Route. This is the time to build strategic partnerships across Asia that will bring prosperity to the entire region in the coming decades. This century belongs to Asia.


Mir in Russian means Peace and Stan in Hindi means Land. We wish to bring prosperity to this ancient part of the world by bridging the gaps that have existed historically despite great intercultural resonance. We wish to place ourselves in a strategic position to bolster Trade, Travel and Cultural contact between the Eurasian and Central Asian Region. We strive to harness the immense potential that lies dormant in this Geographic region through the application of information technology and prompt service.


We have a strong network of suppliers and consultants across India who specialize in various products and services specific to this region. We also have a presence in Russian Federation in various cities through our partners. We wish to expand our circle of influence and areas of activities in the next few years. For this purpose we are actively seeking partners both in India and Russia/CIS across domains and industries who are willing to expand their horizons. It is our main goal to consolidate the Business Process Information pertaining to these regions and provide prompt service and effective consultancy to all our clients in India, Russia and the CIS.


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Russia Facts


Small Business

Tech Startup


Webinar on Russia

Country & Opportunities

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This is a recurring webinar series where Prateek is going to talk about Russia - The Country, its history, current socio-political situation, travel destinations and the unique experiences. People interested in investing or working in Russia will find all the information that they need, right from Visa Processing to setting up your Business Operations.

Webinar Fee : INR 500

Orientation Program

2 Day Program to wet your appetite

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Get an in depth exposure to the various aspects of setting up and running your operations in the Russian market in this 2 day intensive program. This program is designed specifically for people who have already made up their minds to enter the Russian market and are now looking for all the resources to get ready. We ensure that you have the right facts and figures to embark upon this journey and are able to use your resources in the most efficient and effective manner. This program delves into the following aspects.

  1. Accounting & Legal Procedures
  2. Lease & Renting of work spaces
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Staffing & HR Issues
  5. Logistics
  6. Market Research
  7. B2B Networking
  8. Material & Machinery Sourcing
  9. Finance
  10. Risk Management

Program Fee : INR 5000

Business Tour

30 Days Hands-On In-the-Field

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This is an amazing opportunity to visit and experience Russia and the boundless possibilities that are open there. The 4 Week program is designed to immerse you in the Russian Economic environment, its manufacturing hubs, special economic zones, agricultural farms, supermarkets and local shops. You will see first hand the advantages of setting up your operations in Russia and will be educated in the various aspects related to successfully running your operations. The program is designed to deliver the best value for your money. It gets you off the ground in the least possible time and the least possible expense.

Tour Cost : INR 95,000

Prateek Kishore Kahnojia

Director & Head, Relations

An Engineer, Artist, Designer, Traveler, Orator, Researcher, Organizer, Teacher and a Leader, Prateek has a multifaceted personality and a number of colorful achievements to show for it.

The brand Miristan, born out of passion, directed by a grand vision and sustained by confidence, competence and commitment is the brainchild of Prateek. He considers himself to be a Man of Value over and above being a Man of Success. Having strong faith in Globlization Prateek is strongly connected to his Indian roots.

Prateek earned his graduate degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from National Institute of Calicut, Kerala in 2007. The very same year he joined the Defence Research & Development Organization as a Scientist and worked closely with the Armed Forces of India as a Systems Engineer during his tenure there for about 6 years.

After traveling across India as Business Traveler and a BackPacker he realized the pain points and opportunities of the Indian Travel Industry. He also followed his love for the Russian Language and Culture, Completing his 5 trimester course from the Russian School of Language in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in New Delhi. He also earned a Post Graduate diploma in Travel & Tourism from Kuoni Academy, New Delhi. Prateek is also a certified mountaineer from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, West Bengal and has three Half Marathon Completions under his belt.

Dmitry Brovkin

Head, Operations, Russia

Having graduated from an Englsh gymnazium, Dmitry started his translation career as a freelance translator at the Center for Innovative Business in Ekaterinburg in 1999, translating documentation on Russian advanced technical solutions from Russian into English. That was a tough job for a start, but he learned fast and has been translating ever since. In 2010 he switched to full-time freelance Russian<>English translation and interpretation in Moscow, Russia.

Dmitry specializes in business interpretation, including that via phone or Skype. Want to reach out to the Russian market? He is here to help! Here's what he's good at: translation of business correspondence, contracts, certificates, manuals, websites and marketing materials and interpretation at business talks, conferences, trade shows.

Some of Dmitry's recent Projects : Swiss TPH (translation of software development documentation), Lars Larsen (translation of promotional materials and interpreting at negotiations), Phillip Morris (translation of articles and interviews), Raiffeisen Bank (translation of the company’s website and print ads), Caspian Pipeline Consortium (translation and voiceover of promotional documentaries), Scitec Nutrition (translation of marketing materials), LEGO (translation of children's books and marketing materials), ShungiteStore (translation of the company’s website and marketing materials), Absolut Vodka (translation of promotional documentaries),

Some more of his projects include : CityPack Moscow (translation of promotional articles), Skolkovo (translation of business cases for the website), BPG Werks (translation of business correspondence, contracts, marketing materials, and print ads), Cisco (translation of hardware and software manuals), CTI Moscow (translation of software and hardware manuals), Antor Business Solutions (translation of software manuals, contracts and business cases), Cojafex (interpreting at an induction bending machine installation project), Rotary International Moscow (interpreting for English-speaking guests).

Satyendra Tewari

Head, Learning & Development

Satyendra Tewari is a Certified Corporate Trainer with the Accredited Membership of

  • International Institute of Coaching
  • Coach Ville
  • Association for Coaching

Professional work experience of around 5 years encapsulates a varied portfolio.Started off as an Edupreneur and transformed into a facilitator/trainer. During the span of around 5 years, he has facilitated (as an Institutional/ Freelance Trainer) more than 8000 engineering and management students and 500 professionals from varied background like IT,Telecommunication, Educational Enterprises,POWER Sector,Startup Ventures

He is A full time dedicated Human Capital Management Professional & LEARNER who believes in the philosophy that any organisation/entity can attain its full potential if we know how to lead and unleash the potential of the basic entity of any organisation i.e. HUMAN BEINGS (Demographic Dividend).

Terasol Technologies

Technology Partners

Terasol Family is a group of hard-working, intensely curious folks who care deeply about making great apps. Aside from being designers, developers, makers, and thinkers, we are filmmakers, bloggers, gamers, and more.

As a company, we love learning new technologies, thinking outside the box, and finding ways to be more efficient and creative.We work with a wide variety of clients, but it’s always a similar story –there’s a problem or opportunity that software can help conquer. The best part? We get a front seat to see clever ideas become a reality in the software we build for customers.

Our goal as a company is to always push the state of the art.Our vision is to adapt to changing technology. We help clients transform their business through mobile. We help define objectives clearly, then design and build brilliant apps for anything that has a screen. We can’t always show the work, though, because of confidentiality. Rest assured, it’s excellent. We also consult on all aspects of mobile strategy, advising clients on how to execute quickly and thoughtfully.


Looking at Russia with a Magnifying Glass

Spirituality, Religion and Morality in Modern Day Russia

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