Miristan Consulting And Services

Who we are?

We consider ourselves a Strategic Services company and start our engagement with the client from general consulting. We aim to provide a single window access to our clients regarding all the services that they might need in their lifetime of business abroad. This means you only deal with us for everything right from the basic services to the most advanced.

Strategic Services - We use this phrase to refer to our suite of services that are designed to leverage your business beyond the ordinary. While you get busy with the day to day operations and management we keep looking out over the horizon for new opportunities for growth and expansion. Business in general and International Business in specific is all about being at the right place at the right time with the right skills. We do this for you.

How we do it?

Pricing - We provide Strategic Services to our clients at scale and that means we can offer you the benefit of that scale factor. You will find that the services that we offer come at a price much lower compared to hiring your own staff for the same job or even doing it yourself. Service Packages start INR 3000. Scroll down for more detailed pricing.

Our Growth Model - As a company we seek to grow with our clients/partners. We intend to be your partners and work tirelessly to do things that would not be possible for you alone. This is why we do not ask for an upfront fee calculated on the basis of a forecast. This is because we do not intend to abandon you and also that we take responsibility for our strategic advice and measures. For this we request 15% Equity Stake in the company.


With the rapid advance of India, China and Russia on the International Trade Front the World is now moving towards a multipolar political structure. The economic sanctions placed on the Russian Federation have made the Nation look towards other Asian countries for business. This is a moment of opportunity like never before since the times of the great Silk Route. This is the time to build strategic partnerships across Asia that will bring prosperity to the entire region in the coming decades. This century belongs to Asia.


Mir in Russian means Peace and Stan in Hindi means Land. We wish to bring prosperity to this ancient part of the world by bridging the gaps that have existed historically despite great intercultural resonance. We wish to place ourselves in a strategic position to bolster Trade, Travel and Cultural contact between the Eurasian and Central Asian Region. We strive to harness the immense potential that lies dormant in this Geographic region through the application of information technology and prompt service.
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We have a strong network of suppliers and consultants across India who specialize in various products and services specific to this region. We also have a presence in Russian Federation in various cities through our partners. We wish to expand our circle of influence and areas of activities in the next few years. For this purpose we are actively seeking partners both in India and Russia/CIS across domains and industries who are willing to expand their horizons. It is our main goal to consolidate the Business Process Information pertaining to these regions and provide prompt service and effective consultancy to all our clients in India, Russia and the CIS.

Who we work with

(Some of the) Russian Companies focusing on India

We are Sector Agnostic

India's Exports to Russia

High Value Items 2018-2019

HS Code Item Value in Crores
30 Pharmaceutical Products 2869
85 Electrical Spare Parts 2150
84 Nuclear Reactor Spares 1413
29 Organic Chemicals 1045
9 Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices 848
87 Vehicles 818
72 Iron & Steel 566
03 Fish and Ocean Products 531
38 Chemical Products 377
08 Fruits & Nuts 360

India's Exports to Russia

High Growth Items 2018-2019

HS Code Item Growth %
50 Wool 155685
98 Spare Parts, Lab Chemicals 6589
49 Printed Advertising Material 5955
79 Products of Zinc 3172
67 Articles of Feather, Human Hair, Artificial Flowers 712
75 Products of Nickel 700
92 Musical Instruments 676
06 Live Trees and Plants 478
85 Electrical Spare Parts 453
17 Sugar & Sugar Confectionary 145

India's Imports from Russia

High Value Items 2018-2019

HS Code Item Value in Crores
27 Oil & Gas Derivatives 15094
71 Precious Stones 5938
98 General Spare Parts 5311
31 Fertilizers 2443
48 Paper and Paper Pulp Articles 2024
72 Iron & Steel 1383
39 Articles of Plastic 1063
40 Articles of Rubber 917
25 Plastering Materials, Lime & Cement 838
26 Ores, Slag & Ash 831

India's Imports from Russia

High Growth Items 2018-2019

HS Code Item Growth %
42 Articles of Leather & Handbags 20981
58 Fabrics with Tapestry & Embroidery 2808
79 Products of Zinc 2205
63 Worn Clothing & Rags 1625
26 Ores, Slag & Ash 1093
86 Items related to Railways 822
15 Animal or Vegetable Fats & Oils 515
68 Stone, Plaster, Cement, Asbestos 432
69 Ceramic Products 421
61 Clothing & Apparel, Knitted or Corcheted 323

What can Miristan do for you?

Conduct a Market Study for your Product
Connect you with Potential Buyers/Sellers
Negotiate Deals on your behalf
Support you with Logistics/Payments
Design a Market Entry Strategy for Retail
Support you with Sales/Marketing
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What is a TechnoPark?

Russia has 125 TechnoParks, India has 0

TechnoPark is a specifically designed and developed area for use by manufacturing companies and research establishments to benefit each other in terms of innovation and commercialization of new technologies developed in the process of innovation. A Technopark is also a SEZ implicitly by definition.

Proof of success of this idea of Technoparks is the Economy of China that has surpassed any of its Asian neighbours owing to the proper use of Technoparks and Special Economic Zones(SEZ). SEZ as the name suggests is a demarkated zone for Import/Export oriented industrial units that is exempted from International Trade Duties and has relaxed norms for taxation and labour laws. India does not have any TechnoParks but does have a number of SEZs.

Moscow Region has 51 TPs

These TechnoParks are present all across The Russia Federation and Moscow Region is the most densely populated out of all the regions. Technoparks are classified into various categories and one of them is Green/Brown Field. A Green Field TechnoPark is a largely unbuilt area with all the basic facilities like Electricity, Water, Gas, Transport and Security. A Brown Field TechnoPark on the other hand rents out built up premises which are ready for use. Brown Field TechnoParks offer office spaces, research facilities and other auxiliary services within the premises.

Important Facts & Figures

Tax on Profit in TechnoParks 12.5%
Tax on Property in TechnoParks 0%
Rent per square meter RUB 362/Month
Subsidy on Bank Loan Interest Upto RUB 20 Crores
Subsidy on Equipment Lease Upto RUB 10 Crores
Revenue Generated by TechnoParks >200 Billion Rubles

List of TechnoParks in Moscow

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Services Industry in Russia

The level of development of a Country is determined by the share of citizens involved in the Services Industry and the share of Services Industry in National Economy. For example, 74% workforce in EU and 81% Worforce in USA is employed in the services sector.

48% workforce in Kyrgyzstan and only 27% workforce in Tajikistan is employed in the services sector, to highlight the lesser developed countries. In India this number is 30% and in China it is 34%. In Russia this number is 65%. This demonstrates the fact that the Russian economy is way more developed than that of India and China. It is also worth noting that the average salary in services sector in Russia is more than two times that of the general average salary.

Major Segments of the Services Industry

Service Share
Home Maintenance Services 26.9%
Transport 18.6%
Telephone and Internet 17%
Personal Services 10.8%
Health Services 7.8%
Educational Services 6.5%
Travel Services 4.4%
Culture & Sports 2.1%
Legal Services 1.3%
Services for Elderly 0.3%
All other services 4.3%

Personal Services Segment in Detail

Service Share
Auto Repair Services 31%
Home Renovation and Repair 27.1%
Beauty Salons & Parlours 11.5%
Religious Services 6.8%
Repair of Home Appliances 4.8%
Repair of Leather/Fur Items 3.6%
Furniture 3.4%
Spa & Sauna 2.7%
Photography 1.5%
Shoe Repair 1.4%
Home and Vehicle Rentals 1.2%
Laundry & Dry Cleaning 1%
All other services 4%

What can Miristan do for you?

Identify the right Service Segment for you
Design a Business Model and a Plan
Find Office and Commercial Space in your budget
Negotiate Lease Deals on your behalf
Purchase/Rental of Equipment
Complete Documentation and Licensing
Hiring of Staff
Accounts and Operations Monitoring System Setup
Sales & Marketing Support
Franchise based Expansion across Russia
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Land is the Primary Resource

Price of 10 Hectares Farm Land

India-INR 2.5 Crores, Russia-RUB 15 Lakhs

Item Production Th. Tonnes/Year
Wheat 72136
Barley 16992
Corn 11419
Oats 4719
Legumes 3435
Rye 1916
Rice 1038
BuckWheat 932
Tritikale 401
Millet 217
Sorghum 49
Sugar Beet 42066
Sunflower Oil 12756
Soya 4027
Rape Seed 1989
Spring Rape Seed 1644
Winter Rape Seed 344
Mustard Seed 124
Flax Fibres 37
Flax Seeds 7
Potatoes 22395
Cabbage 2519
Tomatoes 2071
Onion 1642
Carrot 1408
Beet Root 838
Cucumber 703
Pumpkin 630
Gourd 560
Garlic 212
Similar Vegetables 1190

The Sugar Factory

Business Plan


  • Crop sowing starts in Spring
  • Crop harvest done in Autumn
  • Crop duration about 100Days
  • One Harvest every 3 Years
  • Factory operational during winters
  • 4Months X 30 Days X 12TPD = 1440T Processed

Expenses (Fixed)

Head Figures in RUB
12TPD Mini Beet Sugar Factory 33,00,000
Land 36 Hectares 54,00,000
1440T of Sugar Beet (if not grown) 25,00,000


Head Figures in RUB
206T Refined Sugar 50,00,000
70T Animal Feed 11,90,000
120KLitre Ethanol 51,60,000
60T of Molasses 21,60,000
Total 1,35,10,000


  • 35MwH Electricity (Self Sustaining Plant)
  • 30T of Vinasse Fertilizer
  • 100T of Lime Fertilizer

Global White Sugar Trade

What can Miristan do for you?

Identify the right Crop for you
Identify the Right Region for that Crop
Find the appropriate Farm Land for you
Negotiate Land Lease or Purchase Deal on your behalf
Setup the Farm and acquire Machinery
Hire staff for all departments
Support with Sales and Marketing
Support with Logistics/Payments
Support with Customs/International Freight
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Services for


Small Businesses



Business Tour of
Moscow Region

15 Days Hands-On In-the-Field

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This is an amazing opportunity to visit and experience Russia and the boundless possibilities that are open there. The 2 Week program is designed to immerse you in the Russian Economic environment, its manufacturing hubs, special economic zones, agricultural farms, supermarkets and local shops. You will see first hand the advantages of setting up your operations in Russia and will be educated in the various aspects related to successfully running your operations. The program is designed to deliver the best value for your money. It gets you off the ground in the least possible time and the least possible expense.

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Why is Russia
not on your List?

Country & Opportunities

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This is a recurring Seminar series where we are going to talk about Russia - The Country, its history, current socio-political situation, travel destinations and the unique experiences. People interested in investing or working in Russia will find all the information that they need, right from Visa Processing to setting up your Business Operations.

All you need to know about your Russian Visa

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Fast-Track Skill-Based
Business School

Doing Business in India & Russia

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Get an in depth exposure to the various aspects of setting up and running your operations in the Russian market in this 2 day intensive program. This program is designed specifically for people who have already made up their minds to enter the Russian market and are now looking for all the resources to get ready. We ensure that you have the right facts and figures to embark upon this journey and are able to use your resources in the most efficient and effective manner.


Sell in Markets that offer a Better Price

उस बाज़ार में बेचिए जहां आपको बेहतर दाम मिले

Meet us at our Office or Online to know what is selling in Russia and at what Price? Learn how much you can get for your Product/Service and at what Market Entry Cost

INR1500+GST 18%

Get 3 Buyers (Wholesalers/Retailers) for your Product/Service along with a detailed Market Study that will help you set the Price and customize your Offer

INR3000+GST 18%

Display upto 100Products in a Product Category on our Wholesale Website selling across Russia. Charge applied per Product Category per month. Turn on/off as per your convenience.

INR1500+GST 18%

Start Request for Proposal(RFP) negotiations with the Buyer one-by-one. Send Samples and get Feedback. This typically concludes in a proper Export Order.

INR6000+GST 18%

Import, Warehousing and Logistics all taken care of by us. You can start distributing your products across Russia without getting your hands dirty. Customs Clearing on actuals, Warehousing based on volumetric weight and Order Fulfilment charged on monthly basis upto 150 Retail Orders. Turn on/off as per your convenience.

INR6000+GST 18%

Start promoting your product across Russia through multiple channels like Google, Yandex, Facebook, VK, Instagram, Telegram and more. Charged on monthly basis. Turn on/off as per your convenience.

INR3000+GST 18%

Jan 2014

Our story officially starts in Jan 2014 when Miristan Travel Technology Private Limited was incorporated. The aim of the company was to engage in Trade with Russia while setting up base in India. Another vertical that was aimed was Travel Sector between India and Russia. During the course of initial few years we engaged in Trade and Travel as a single entity but realised that these two are very different spheres of activity and hence have to be dealt with separately.

This gave birth to two different lines of businesses that stand today as Miristan Consulting and Services and YoBanjare Travel Cafe. The Travel Cafe business was tested out first and proved to be amazingly well accepted amongst the targeted segment. It was later decided though that the scale at which we wish to Launch this idea will still take some more time. This Travel Cafe idea is more of a domestic business taking into consideration the conditions in the Indian Travel Industry. The Consulting business is more of an International Business taking into consideration International Business consitions and more specifically the Business consitions between India and Russia and within the Russian Federation.

Jan 2016

We have been working on the Miristan Consulting and Services Business Model for 4 years now and have brought it to a point where it becomes a scalable franchise based business that is designed to expand into Tier - 2 and Tier - 3 cities built over a strong presence and foundation in the major cities of India. The company and the business is based on the philosophy of Inclusiveness rather than Exclusiveness. Whereas we started exclusively in the area of Pharmaceuticals and Garments export we are proud to say that we are today working in areas as diverse as Manufacturing, Services and Agriculture. The focus area still remains Russia though we are looking to expand into Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and China.

The Idea behind Miristan Consulting and Services is to enable the Micro, Small and Medium Businesses in India take their business to the next level and also to enter the International Market when they feel confident enough to do so. This is inline with PM Modi's mission of turning India into a $ 5 Trillion economy in the near future.

Jan 2020

We are in the process of starting the first of its kind School of Laguage and Business in India imparting courses in Foreign Language in a Business Context and a Business Education Program for MSMEs that makes them competitive in an International Business Environment while spending minimum time and minimum money. Another project in the pipeline is an Online Platform for International Trade that is more People Centric than Product Centric. It will be an Online Bazaar that would allow People to network and connect in a Business Environment before actually engaing in any monetary transactions. More on these projects can be found on our website in the time to come. The one thing that we promise you as a Company is Value in every interaction, transaction or relationship that you build with us. Miristan. Planet Peace.

Jan 2021

The Pandemic Year 2020 compelled us to transform our operations and look beyond our existing markets. We are now expanding across Europe, Africa and South East Asia. We also consider Israel and Singapore as key anchor locations for expansions into the above mentioned territories. We are well set and on course to launch our Online Marketplace - bzrX[Export Bazaar] to open up these territories to our clients and partners. We are in the process of setting up offices, warehouses and logistics hubs in these markets at key locations. This will allow us to offer a seamless experience to our clients in finding buyers for their products and to negotiate and execute orders (including payment settlements) all through our online platform without the need for ever leaving their workplaces. We are now doing the ground work for this project.


Prateek Kishore Karnad

Founder-Director & Head, Strategy

Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar, India

An Engineer, Artist, Designer, Traveler, Orator, Researcher, Organizer, Teacher and a Leader, Prateek has a multifaceted personality and a number of colorful achievements to show for it.

The brand Miristan, born out of passion, directed by a grand vision and sustained by confidence, competence and commitment is the brainchild of Prateek. He considers himself to be a Man of Value over and above being a Man of Success. Having strong faith in Globlization Prateek is strongly connected to his Indian roots.

Prateek earned his graduate degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from National Institute of Calicut, Kerala in 2007. The very same year he joined the Defence Research & Development Organization as a Scientist and worked closely with the Armed Forces of India as a Systems Engineer during his tenure there for about 6 years.

After traveling across India as Business Traveler and a BackPacker he realized the pain points and opportunities of the Indian Travel Industry. He also followed his love for the Russian Language and Culture, Completing his 5 trimester course from the Russian School of Language in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in New Delhi. He also earned a Post Graduate diploma in Travel & Tourism from Kuoni Academy, New Delhi. Prateek is also a certified mountaineer from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, West Bengal and has three Half Marathon Completions under his belt.

Oksana Vasyunina

Operations Partner, Moscow, Russia

ksysha@gmail.com | +7 925 006-59-15
Moscow, Russian Federation

Ms. Oksana Vasyunina is a seasoned veteran in International Trade both Import and Export from Russia. In her career of 20 years as an International Trade promoter and facilitator she has worked with various companies and products from more than 10 countries across Asia and Europe. She has donned multiple hats to provide a seamless and end-to-end service to clients. She along with her team of executives operate from all the major ports in Russia including St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk. She holds complete command over the entire documentational and procedural requirements of the trade. Owing to her vast network of contacts in this business she is also fully capable of sourcing and selling products across Russia through various Supermarkets and Wholesalers. She knows the ins and outs of Importing, Exporting, Buying and Selling in Russia and is fully capable of working with huge volumes and tight schedules.

Shivani Gupta

Associate Partner, North-West India

law.shivani@gmail.com | +91 9419-240-558
Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, India

CS Shivani Gupta is one of the Founders and Designated Partners of “MG & Associates LLP” She is former director and head of “Operational Wing” of CorpSeed, a Noida based Private Limited Company. She is also a Director in “Aatish Industries Pvt Ltd”. She was former “Chairperson” and existing member of management committee of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (Jammu Chapter), A company secretary by profession and also Graduate in law (LLB) from the University of Jammu and also holds a Post Graduate degree in Psychology.

With almost 11 years of professional experience which includes 5 years of working as a Tax Consultant with SNR & Associates, she has played a major role in carving the vision of the company. She has further done her apprenticeship training in Government Organizations i.e. with SIDCO and also with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Jammu which helped her to sharpen her liaison skills. She also holds the post of “Vice-President” with an NGO namely “Deepak Women’s Development Society” She is also awarded the best coordinator of NSS during her college days and she has also won accolades in drawing competition for promoting blood donation. She is also launch Ambassador of Jammu region of Business Network International BNI



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